Video: Top 5 Warmwater Flies for May in the Rockies

This month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver is all about bass, carp, and pike. Spring is here, and that means warmwater fishing is heating up along the Front Range. Trouts’ own Rick Mikesell joins us to talk about his favorite flies for May, featuring several from Colorado’s own Barry Reynolds. But no matter where you fish, these patterns will catch fish!

1. Barry’s Carp Fly

2. Near Nuff Crayfish

3. Barry’s Carp Bitter

4. Barry’s Pike Fly

5. Gen-X Bunny

One thought on “Video: Top 5 Warmwater Flies for May in the Rockies”

  1. Hello. I want to know. How to start a cast with a bunch of trees and shrubs around you. What I’m asking is. If I pull up to a spot and I rig my gear up and walk to this spot. I’m on the bank and the river is only 25 foot wide and to deep to wade in and I have to start my cast from the bank with really close trees and bushes how do I get my line out from the start.

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