Video: Top Five Flies for December 2019

In this month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Zeke Hersh and Ivan Orsic hit the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado. Winter has arrived here in Colorado, so it’s important to get your flies in the zone. Trout won’t move very far to eat flies this time of year, so depth control is paramount. Attractors, midges, and some small dries and streamers are your best bets this time of year.

If you’re worried about being able to hook trout on these tiny irons, check out this helpful post: Pro Tips: 5 Ways to Get More Hook-Ups When You’re Using Tiny Flies

1. Copper John Nymph (red, size 18)

2. Zebra Midge (black, size 18)

3. Bread n’ Butter Bugger (white, sizes 4-6)

4. Hi-Vis Griffith’s Gnat (green, size 22)

5. Otter’s Soft Milking Egg (green, size 18)

One thought on “Video: Top Five Flies for December 2019”

  1. Love your videos. Would love to see some hilighting some Canadian waters. Our area here is southern Ontario and as you may know we have very limited winter trout fishing as most areas close October 1st with some special regs that open very little water until December 31st. We do enjoy the videos of winter fishing though.
    Our winter fishing here is mainly within the Great lakes and the mouths of our rivers and streams that feed the lakes. Our open season for trout is the 4th Saturday in March until October 1st.

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