Video: How Does a Trout Catch a Fly? Marinaro’s “Edge of the Window Theory”

Poking around on vimeo, I stumbled on this fascinating video by English fly-fishing guide Paul Kenyon, explaining the theories of Vince Marinaro and others about how fish perceive our flies in the water. Starting from the concept of the relationship between fish’s “window” of sight and the “mirror” on the water’s surface, Kenyon arrives and some insights into how to design effective trout flies and why our artificial flies are sometimes ignored by feeding trout.

9 thoughts on “Video: How Does a Trout Catch a Fly? Marinaro’s “Edge of the Window Theory””

  1. I have read Marinaros’ book “In The Ring of The Rise” it takes this video and sequence farther than the video can. I enjoyed the video as a reinforcement of the findings in the book .

  2. Thanks for sharing. Was having a long debate about this with some folks recently. I’m not sold wings need to be on every fly but when the trout are picky in slow moving water it just might make the difference.

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