Video: Trout Smackdown in Western Colorado

Written by: Ben Sittig, a.k.a. Huge Fly Fisherman

In today’s Huge Fly Fisherman video, you’ll come along as I spend two days floating a western Colorado river with some friends. We struggled the first day, but on the second day we made one simple change that made a big difference, and we were in ’em thick after that. 

The flies we were using in this video were featured in last week’s video about how to tie two easy egg flies.

The takeaways from this video are:

  1. If you’re not catching fish, do something different.
  2. Don’t leave fish to find fish.
  3. If you find a tactic or fly that works well, stick with it.
  4. It’s ok to row upstream, but it’s even better if someone else does it for you.
  5. You can have a great time in a boat even if the fishing is not so good.

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