Video: “TroutLandia,” Home of the Giant Brown Trout

Regular blog readers may remember our intern from last summer, Jared Zissu, who also happens to be the man behind Flylords. His latest video was shot in North Georgia and features some humongous trout. But I’ll let him tell the story:

Sometimes you are offered an opportunity that you just can’t pass up. When Will Taylor invited me to come down and check out a stretch of private water in Blue Ridge, Georgia, I obviously said yes. Walking through the lush farms and cow pastures, into a dense forest, Will introduced me to a stretch of water that was trout heaven. Now, I won’t mistake this type of fishing for hunting wild trout in the backcountry of Montana or New Zealand; it’s a little different. You don’t necessarily have to put the same amount of work in here to come out with a trophy fish. That being said, the fishing was technical, intriguing, and was no doubt, one of the most fun and memorable experiences of my life. The fish are large, mean, and incredibly beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Video: “TroutLandia,” Home of the Giant Brown Trout”

  1. Before people start ripping on this video for being shot on “private water”, let’s keep a couple things in mind. Big trout are fun to catch regardless of whether they are on public or private water. If our public waters were used more responsibly they too would grow huge fish. In addition to this, if you were offered the chance to fish a stellar private water like the one in the video you’d hopefully accept the offer. If not your pride is apparently greater that your desire to have fun. Great video, great fish!

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