Video Tuesday Tip: Dealing with Low-Water Brown Trout

Here’s a very cool video from Dave and Amelia Jensen about catching low-water brown trout. Through some great shots of trout behavior, exciting takes and refusals, and informative narration, you get a pretty good picture of what challenges anglers face in these situations.

5 thoughts on “Video Tuesday Tip: Dealing with Low-Water Brown Trout”

  1. Excellent video Tom and great points! In the interest of our sport, folks need to respect these times in paying even closer attention how they handle fish (as shown in the video, not stressing them and keeping them in the water) and as stated sometimes the right decision is don’t fish! Besides low river flows during the heat of summer, this condition can exist in back country small lakes if they are relatively shallow and have limited water flow into them. Without the strong cold water input of stream(s) or springs, these waters also heat up to level where cutthroats will be stressed.

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