Video Pro Tips: What to Do If a Fish Doesn’t Take Your Fly

You know the trout are there; you might even see some rises. But, for some reason, your fly isn’t drawing any strikes. Sometimes, you’ll see fish turn toward the fly, but they simply won’t eat it. What should be your next step? In this great how-to video from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, Tom Rosenbauer offers several options, from switching to a finer tippet to trying a lower-riding dry fly. By switching things up, you can make the trout go from “fly curious” to downright eager.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: What to Do If a Fish Doesn’t Take Your Fly”

  1. Awesome video. Wow did I ever learn this recently when I couldn’t get a couple of very nice trout to take that were gulping tricos and then I watched as a guy caught them both after I left. Fortunately for me, he shared this exact info with me along with giving me a smaller fly, the one that he caught them with.

  2. That loop of slack line over Tom’s chest pack is drivin me nutz!
    I use an Orvis micro chest pack; all loops of line are in the water or in hand.

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