Video Tuesday Tip: How to Add Distance to Your Cast

Written by: Peter Kutzer

Every fly fisherman has been in this situation: you can see fish rising, but they are just out of your casting range. If you could just make the fly land ten feet farther away, you’d be in heaven. In this episode, I demonstrate how to add distance to your cast. In most fishing situations, of course, distance is certainly not the most important factor for success. The ability to make an accurate cast that allows you to get the proper presentation is more vital. So I’m not advocating that everyone go out there and start bombing 80-foot casts at all times.

However, there are situations in which the ability to cast farther will result in your catching more fish. Some of the keys to distance casting are 1. moving the rod tip along a horizontal plane, 2. moving the rod in a vertical plane, 3. lengthening your casting stroke as you carry more line, and 4. pausing longer at the end of each stroke as you add line. Practice these elements, and you’re sure to be adding five or ten feet to your current casting record. Good luck!

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