Video Pro Tip: How to Be Stealthy When Dry-Fly Fishing

Oliver Edwards is a big-name fly fisherman in England, and his fly patterns are popular worldwide. In this video, he talks about what it takes to be stealthy when you are on a stream with very clear water, which often makes trout spooky. Most anglers know that they have to be stealthy when wading, but Edwards shows you how to pick your line up off the water without making a splash or creating a sucking sound that could scare the trout. This will allow you to get more drifts and more shots at fish in these situations.

12 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Be Stealthy When Dry-Fly Fishing”

  1. I’m pretty certain that he’s wearing a “Purdy Deerstalker” cap. Oddly, Purdy makes their deerstalker without the flaps more in an English ghillie style. Nonetheless, about 100 quid!

  2. I dig the shades, still couldn’t find one of those with dust and wind protectors by the sides with polarized lenses. Great video, is nonsense to drag hard the line on the water preparing the back cast but it is a common mistake I see around.

  3. Unfortunately on most of the UK chalk streams you pay a 200-300 pounds for a day on a beat your stuck in … not a lot of places to move to if you spook them all. But hey you can get a return flight to Slovenia from London for 100 pounds…. just saying.

  4. Well, that high moving right hand is not stealth at all… It’s like a “hey fish here I am…!” haha

  5. I have watched a lot of Oliver Edwards films. I find him so interesting along with many of the other chalkstream anglers , Like Simon Cooper, Simon Ward , and Orvis’s own chalkstraem. A trip I plan to go on and fish the chalkstreams. They have so many great skills in fly fishing.

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