Video Tuesday Tip: How to Catch Carp on the Fly

Carp fishing, while available to nearly anyone close to home, is not easy. It’s challenging, which is why people love them so much (in addition to the fact that they fight like demons.) To help you with your carp-fishing techniques, we’ve made a short video on the basics of fly fishing for carp. Hope you enjoy it.

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

8 thoughts on “Video Tuesday Tip: How to Catch Carp on the Fly”

  1. Hey Tom,
    I want to thank you for all you and Orvis has done for us novice fly anglers. A year and a half ago I cast my first fishing rod in 28 years and due to my highly advanced fly fishing friend, it happened to be a fly rod. Since that day I have pursued the art. It is because of your podcasts that I am now tying all my own flies (and a bunch for my friend), casting better, learning new techniques, and learning tricks of the trade to keep oneself on the water.
    For example, I was wading in a trout pond 4 days ago and was thrilled that I could shoot line! Also, with the unexpected and brush behind me I had a few snags and the unfortunate experience of hooking my own fly line. The line got gouged quite deeply from the Tippet, but I remembers a tip you provided another angler on the podcast where you explained what can be done… hence I picked up my nail knot tool and some tippet and proceeded to tie a nail knot over the affected area so I could still continue my day on the water.
    Thanks Tom so much for your podcasts, enthusiasm, humility, and down right letting me know it is ok to screw up once in a while. Because of your podcasts I went online and ordered a new fly line from Orvis as soon as I got home from my trip.
    Thanks Orvis team!

  2. That drag cast tip is PRO! I cant wait to try it on the local carp and reds. Thanks for all you guys do!

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  5. Carp!!! Finally!!! Good work on the video Tom. 10 years ago all my hard-core fly buddies laughed at me for saying what a blast carp fishing on a fly were. They laugh no more!
    Your friend Joe

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