Video Tuesday Tip: How to Remove a Hook from a Human, with Jazz and Fly Fishing

We have posted lots of videos that show how to deal with a hook that’s buried in skin. First there was the sartorially resplendent Steve Edge‘s demonstration, then there was an awesome video that starts with a guy hammering the hook into his leg, then there was the one from Gink and Gasoline, and another from Rod + Rivet. So why do we need one more? Because we love the guys from Jazz and Fly Fishing.

Here, poor Tapani was unfortunate enough to attach a large streamer hook to his nose. Lucky for him, HÃ¥vard knows “the trick.” Of course, the real trick is to crimp the barb before you hook yourself (or someone else).

6 thoughts on “Video Tuesday Tip: How to Remove a Hook from a Human, with Jazz and Fly Fishing”

  1. This is something every fly fisherman should know or fisherman for that matter. I wonder if it would work with treble hooks though that spin fisherman would use?

    1. I have used this method a number of times and it works very well. An Emergency room doctor showed it to me. When faced with treble hooks or other multiple hook lures I cut up plsstic baits and cover all exposed hooks to prevent hooking the patient with other hoojs.

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