Video Tuesday Tip: How to Take a Fin Clip Sample from a Bonefish

When I was in Belize last fall, staying at El Pescador, I had a chance to fish with my friend Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. That night, Aaron gave a fascinating presentation about the research BTT is doing on bonefish genetics, and he asked us to help collect data by taking fin clips from every bonefish we landed. He handed out small envelopes for collecting the clips, and each contained a small form on which to enter information about the fish.

If you are planning on catching any bonefish–whether you’re heading to The Bahamas, Florida, Belize, or anywhere else the species is found–you can help. The above video explains how to collect the sample, and you can get a kit of bonefish fin-clip sample envelopes by contacting BTT at or 321-674-7758.

You can be a citizen scientist while you fish!
Photo by Sandy Hays

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