Video Tutorial: How to Tie the Blood Knot

One of the cool things about knots is that there are usually several different ways to tie each one. The final product is the same, but how the tier gets there can change quite a bit. Here’s a great tutorial on how to tie the blood knot, in which Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters explains each step in detail.

I dig the way he asks you to think about the blood knot as “two clinch knots jammed against each other.” That’s a smart way to visualize what you’re doing as you learn the knot. His technique for keeping the loop in the middle of the knot open is also ingenious.

So if you have struggled with tying the blood knot in the past, give Brian’s method a try. It just may be what you’ve been looking for and can set you on the path to creating strong, slim blood knots.

5 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How to Tie the Blood Knot”

  1. MRO would be an excellent fly shop anywhere in the country and we are lucky to happen to have that entire team here in Columbus Ohio! Cool to see them on my fly fishing app via orvis news

  2. Simple, if you practice it. Biggest issue that I’ve found is that you have to teach your fingers and mind to work as one. Practice at home, over and over BEFORE getting on the water. I did and can tie these in my sleep.

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