Video: Two Days in the Forest

My friend Zach Matthews—who runs the Itinerant Angler website—has long been a photographer, with many images published online and in fly-fishing magazines. One of his favorite things to do is hike to out-of-the-way streams way up in the southern Appalachians, and this video was shot on just such an excursion with his buddy, Scott Kitchens.

Photo by Zach Matthews

6 thoughts on “Video: Two Days in the Forest”

  1. Great photography, and loved the video trailer. (Didn’t really care for the background music.) 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing, looked like a cool place to fish. I enjoyed both the photography and the effects. I received a GoPro just before Christmas this year and trying to fish and film is harder than it looks.

  3. Hi,
    I have since yesterday problems running your videos here in Germany. Is it a technical or a legal issue…?


  4. I think zaCH took video down. Or unpublished it. Aldi not available to me in Taiwan. How it is in USA?

  5. Hey guys –

    I did change the original link but Phil has the correct one up above. The German guys are getting shutout due to a copyright claim on the music that for whatever reason only applies to Germany. The video’s been greenlit in the rest of the world. I don’t pretend to understand, but thanks for watching!


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