Video: in Montana

Here’s a cool, short video from Montana guide Frank Melro, featuring a great piece of cutthroat water. I love the mixture of drone angles that match the action seen from the ground camera. The video portrays the kind of magical fly-fishing experience that keeps folks coming back to Big Sky Country.

11 thoughts on “Video: in Montana”

    1. I agree Bryant – with so many wonderful Big Sky country streams – there’s no need to publish the location of every honey-hole, the best experiences are to be found by exploring and finding your own endless variations…

    2. The burned trees, narrow and clear water are a dead giveaway. No need to keep it a secret though, most people that go out that way are looking for the larger rivers, do not want to hike in anywhere, and pay for the rubber hatch…they dont want to hike in to wild fish populations. put on boots and get a map and you can catch 100s of pure strain west slope. the hwys/trails surrounding this specific spot only cross a few hundred streams/creeks/tribs loaded with these fish.

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