Video: Two Rules for Safe Wading

Fly-fishing guides get to see a lot of different anglers in the water each year, which means they witness every kind of wading mistake. 2024 Orvis-Endorsed Guide of the Year Dustin Coffey even has names like “the river dance” and “the superman” for common wading disasters. In this short video, Dustin–from Chetola Orvis Fly Fishing in Blowing Rock, North Carolina–offers two simple rules that can keep you from ending up swimming with the fishes. The presentation is somewhat humorous, but the information can help you avoid ruining your day on the water.

Dustin demonstrates the small-step shimmy.

One thought on “Video: Two Rules for Safe Wading”

  1. Love how Dustin kept it simple, streamlined, and practical. Two tips that will be sure to prevent falls or injuries to all those who heed his advice. Kudos!

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