Video: Unplugged Conversation and One Sweet Brown

By now, Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing, should need no introduction. We’ve featured dozens of their photos and videos over the years, especially the stuff shot during their annual trips to New Zealand. But this one is somewhat different, offering a glimpse at the process behind shooting on of these videos. Here’s how Dave describes it:

This lays bare how things happen between us, how our methodical and thoughtful approach unfolds in what is, for us, a perfect moment. You won’t see video like this in any film tour, which is unfortunate because we’d love to see the natural, exposed methodology others use, but also because we’d love to see film makers and their subjects naked – without soundtracks and editing – to see what’s truly behind the scenes of pop-culture fly fishing video.

It’s tough to make out some of the dialogue, but you certainly get a sense of the thought processes that go into the approach of both angler and filmmaker.

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  1. Can someone please explain the reasoning of the release technique used here? I was always under the impression that letting the fish swim away naturally is the preferred method when releasing, not sliding it back into the water. My only intention here is to learn best practices. Great video!

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