Video: Upstate Fly, Episode 1

Here’s a beautiful short video from Upstate New York filmed by Sean Molloy, featuring some truly lovely cinematography. From the early shot of a stick in the water keeping time with the music, you feel like you’re in the hands of a director with a sharp eye and ear. Even the dark, moody shots at the end have an artistic feel. I look forward to seeing more episodes in this series.

13 thoughts on “Video: Upstate Fly, Episode 1”

  1. DAMN HIPPIES!!! Always got to be in front of a camera!! The best way for a Catch-en-release is not to even touch the fish. But these hippies gotta show off their catch and beat themselves on the chest to show what great fishermen they are!!

  2. That is awesome! Every time that I watch it takes me back out to my rivers. Can’t wait for more!

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