Video: Using Science to Save a Trout Subspecies

Most fly fishers have seen photos or videos of the massive Lahontan cutthroat trout from Nevada’s Pyramid Lake, but there are dozens more populations, many of which are geographically isolated. This isolation leads to lowered genetic diversity, making that particular population less adaptable to changing conditions, such as those caused by climate change.

Biologists with Trout Unlimited, working with state agencies, are using science to increase genetic diversity–through mixing populations and connecting habitat. The video above does a great job of explaining both the problems and solutions, and you can learn more by reading Jason Barnes’s post on the TU blog.

This video is part of the first TU Science Week:five days of social-media postings including daily Instagram Live events (@troutunlimited), stories explaining various ways science is incorporated into the conservation and policy work they do.

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