Video: The Value of a Magic Hat

The latest video from Stefan Ågren of Frontsidefly focuses on fly-fishing superstition and the way that one bad choice can have disastrous consequences on the water. Have you ever had a lucky fishing hat? If so, then you know how important it is to ride that luck for as long as possible. But what would you do if a thief came along and stole your luck?

4 thoughts on “Video: The Value of a Magic Hat”

  1. I have one lucky hat for winter and one for summer! I’ve tried others but the fates are jealous and I am repeatedly skunked when unfaithful!

  2. I take three hats of every outing. I know it seems crazy, but if something doesn’t seem to be working I’ll “switch things up” which will me swapping methods (dry to nymph), flies and changing my hat. I do have a favorite though. Worn, faded, stained and full of memories. check it out here on my about page –

    Love the article – Thanks David

  3. I have an “unlucky” hat. If the day goes badly, it wasn’t me, it was the hat. If the day goes well, my superior skill overcame the awful hat.

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