Video: Watch the Amazing Documentary “Rivers of a Lost Coast” in Its Entirety

We’ve posted before about the wonderful documentary “Rivers of a Lost Coast,” which chronicles the rise and fall of Northern California’s steelhead fishery and culture in the middle of the last century. You can now watch a standard-definition version of the entire film (with ads) above. For those of us born too late to have experienced the heyday of steelheading in these waters, it’s a fascinating look at history and a time unfortunately gone-by.

Click here for more information or to buy the DVD.

Ted Lindner with family and friends at “Dad’s Camp” along the Klamath River.
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  4. I grew up in Grants Pass, Oregon and when I was in Junior High I used to go down after football practice to fish for steelhead. There were so many salmon on the riffles you needed to push them out of the way to get to the fish. Over 50 years the fishing has slowly but surely declined to the point that you can fish for weeks and not catch even a single steelhead. On the Smith there was almost no one fishing this fall for salmon. All these people featured on this movie caught and killed the hell out of the fish. The fishing is now characterized by increasing numbers of fishermen employing ever greater technology to catch fewer and smaller fish!! On the mouth of the Smith there used to be a few sea lions, now there are hundreds eating the few remaining fish! The picture of these guys catching and killing all those magnificent fish is pathetic. I hope those guys for good for contributing to the demise of our majestic fish!! Morons the bunch of them, Tom Purtzrt

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