Video: Welcome Back to New Zealand!

Written by: Amelia Jensen, Jensen Fly Fishing

Every year, we try our best to get to New Zealand. For 11 years running, we’ve done just that. Travel is long: from Alberta, we take a cab, a bus, and three connecting flights, followed by pick-up in Christchurch by our friend Serge for a drive to his house in Hanmer Springs. Total travel is about 30 sleepless hours.

By the time we hit the water that afternoon, we’ve been awake 40 consecutive hours. And of course, we have to catch that first trout. It’s a good thing that Serge finds us forgiving fish because Dave missed the first take. Missed on the dry? Hit it again with a nymph. And away we go: we’re home.

3 thoughts on “Video: Welcome Back to New Zealand!”

  1. It’d be great if the Jensens would set a responsible example by keeping hands off trout and leaving trout in the water.

  2. Glad the Jansens get to play and relax in NZ instead of guiding, filming and having to hold heavy trout day after day Alberta day long!

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