Video: What Does Fly Fishing Mean to You?

Most of the new breed of Warren-Miller-inspired fly-fishing films feature anglers catching monster fish, often in exotic locales, over a driving soundtrack. And I love watching these videos as much as the next guy, dreaming about catching those fish. But it’s also nice to see someone shooting gorgeous footage of “regular guy” fly fishing. This short clip from Climate Wisconsin has a serious message about rising water temperatures, but it’s also just a great glimpse of the pleasures of the fly-fishing life. Guide Peter Cozad is eloquent in his description of what fly fishing means to him.

What does the sport mean to you?

7 thoughts on “Video: What Does Fly Fishing Mean to You?”

  1. *plowing a giant truck through a stream…

    he’s right on the money though. casting, just casting, is a beautiful thing. why there isn’t more emphasis in the sport on becoming a proficient caster, I don’t know. probably the same reason why there isn’t a huge movement into conserving our lands watersheds like we should. most folks can’t see the big picture or don’t care about substance, only posting a sweet grip n grin on Facebook, ftw.

    1. Joshua,
      Thanks for the comments. I’m the producer/director of this video. I agree with your concern for the stream crossing. Just to honor the guide Pete Cozad’s love for the streams and fish in the Driftless region, it should be noted that the nearby bridge was being rebuilt and the official detour went through the stream.


    2. You probably didn’t mean to imply this, however, I don’t think it’s fair to associate disinterest in casting with lack of interest in conservation. I’m disinteresting in casting (for distance) but I am a card carrying conservationist. Casting (for distance, say, over 30 feet) is an elegant an beautiful thing but, for me, it completely separates me from what I truly love about fly fishing: the fish. Not the fish on the hook but the fish in its element before and during the take. There are few things that give me more joy than sighting, sneaking up to, casting to, and then observing the fish as it makes its move and takes the fly. For this, I need to cast about 15 feet, sometimes less. There are times in the season when I can’t see the fish so I guess a long cast might increase my success rate, but I don’t care. I continue to try to approach and shorten my cast and if that means fewer fish, then so be it.

      Fortunately, I have places to fish that allow me to operate this way :). I admit that there are places I could live that would force me to better appreciate the long cast more. But the “need” to get up close would still be there, I think ;).

  2. What an amazing video!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thank you Peter for sharing your passion which is very similar to how I feel about fly fishing.

  3. The reasons to pick up a rod are many but few are actually needed. We take it fishing and it takes us somewhere else. Maybe to another place we wouldn’t have gone on our own.

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