Video: Which Hand Should You Reel With?

Written by: Ben Sittig, a.k.a. Huge Fly Fisherman

In today’s Huge Fly Fisherman video we talk about which hand you should reel with. It might seem simple, and it is, but there are different opinions on the matter.

Editor’s Note: This subject is also covered in detail in Phil’s post Why You Should Always Reel With Your “Right” Hand.

Key points to consider are:

  1. You can reel with either hand.
  2. It’s best to learn to reel with both hands.
  3. There are no rules in fly fishing.

4 thoughts on “Video: Which Hand Should You Reel With?”

  1. Excellent! Some folks out there seem of the opinion that maybe you shouldn’t even fly fish if you don’t reel with the “correct” hand. Although I can use either, I’ve been using the “wrong” hand most of the time for over 60 years. Oh, and Mel Krieger was another well-known dude who often used the “wrong” hand. Absolutely love your unpretentious approach!

    1. Mel and I laughed about this topic and how insane fly fishers would get about it. What they apparently don’t know is that when we started fly fishing in the mid 50’s, left hand wind fly reels were not generally available.

  2. nice! Being left-handed …my whole life, I have always had to adapt to opposite hand reeling when using other peoples gear( charter captains, friends, ect..) to the point it’s second nature. When lending out my gear I have to admit I have a private chuckle watching the struggle.. staying Huge in IL!

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