Video: Why 50/50 on the Water?

The 50/50 on the Water campaign aims to inspire more women to get out on the water and discover the joys of fly-fishing. By breaking down some of the barriers that keep women from enjoying time on the stream, we can add new perspectives and bring new voices into the sport. And if we are going to protect what we love through conservation efforts, the more voices the better.

To learn more, visit the 50/50 on the Water website!

2 thoughts on “Video: Why 50/50 on the Water?”

  1. Too bad Orvis does not have the same philosophy in employing women in management positions ..this appears to be just another marketing ploy to sell more …shame, shame ! J.McGauley

  2. i understand that Orvis wants this: TO SELL MORE GEAR
    but Why do we want More people on the water? Oh, that’s right, to sell more gear

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