Video: Why You Get “Wind Knots” and How to Fix the Problem

The latest in an ongoing series of videos about fly-casting, Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters explains how “wind knots” happen—hint: it ain’t the wind—and what you can do to avoid them. The key is to avoid two things, casting creep on the backcast and overpowering the forward cast. His analogy of a pitcher trying to throw a fast ball starting next to his ear makes a lot of sense. You need to wait until your backcast is almost straight out behind you before you begin to come forward smoothly. Take your rod out on the lawn and give this a try.

One thought on “Video: Why You Get “Wind Knots” and How to Fix the Problem”

  1. Flechsig provides some of the best fly casting instruction available. He makes fixing the tailing loop problem simple and straightforward; this video leaves all other similar vids in the dust. Kudos Brian!

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