Video: Into the Wild of the Colorado High Country

Here is an absolutely gorgeous look at an evening of fly fishing and exploring the high country in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Just the hike in must be enough to justify the trip, but then you get to cast to big, colorful cutthroats in a spectacular setting. And that sunset shot of the angler walking a ridgeline (starting at about 1:33) is one of the more beautiful images I’ve ever seen in a fly-fishing video.

One thought on “Video: Into the Wild of the Colorado High Country”

  1. Great video. It really seems to speak to the soul of all fly fishers, young and old. Yet, what is that message? I think it’s personal to each person who views this. I know it made me step back and think. What is it that we’re really doing out there when we chase fish on the fly? Is it about catching fish? Or, is it about the journey?… the chase? This video tells a story without shoving that story down your throat. Great job.

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