Video: Winter Dry-Fly Fishing in Colorado

It’s been nine months since we’ve heard from our old pal Ivan at Yukon Goes Fishing, but he’s back with a dreamy, ruminative look at winter dry-fly fishing on a small spring creek in the Colorado Rockies. Here’s his description of the scene:

Fly Fishing in winter in Colorado isn’t limited to tailwaters and the tying bench. There are spring creeks in the Centennial State. Spring creeks that hold their fair share of brown trout. Tanner Smith and his dog Gus had a day on one of those spring creeks.

3 thoughts on “Video: Winter Dry-Fly Fishing in Colorado”

  1. I’d like to fish that creek. but seriously folks, the video was unimpressive and the music (was that really music) was awful.

  2. Last I knew they weren’t stocking Brown Trout in Colorado, they were all natural reproduction? Is that still true???

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