Video: Winter Trout, Iowa-Style

Here’s a sweet little edit from Jared Koenigsfeld, showcasing the cold-weather trout opportunities in a state not known for its fly-fishing. But the Hawkeye State does have some excellent streams, especially in the northeastern corner, where it abuts the Driftless Area of neighboring Wisconsin.

10 thoughts on “Video: Winter Trout, Iowa-Style”

  1. Phil, this is really not Iowa. Everybody knows that all we have here in the state is catfish corn fields and hog lots. So for those of you who are thinking of coming here to fish for trout in the winter, or any other time of the year for that matter, forget it. You will only be disappointed. You should only come to Iowa if you are passing through on your way to go trout fishing in Colorado or Montana.

  2. As Obi Wan said – “These aren’t the trout you are looking for… You can go about your business… Move along…”

  3. So true in the above replies. Iowa doesn’t have over 30 streams with naturally reproducing brown and brook trout. The season is not open year round. It doesn’t have cold water streams. It’s not included in the Driftless Area. Please move on!

  4. Yessiree, horrible, lousy, terrible streams in Iowa. Just awful. Fish them if you must, but expect to be all alone. Why you won’t see anybody for hours, sometimes whole days (especially during winter).

  5. I love fishing in iowa…….the trout are beautiful in iowa waters, don’t let the above posts scare you off…….yes Virginia ….their is trout in iowa waters …… just have to look harder , in iowa catfish is king , but if your a trouter (trout fisherman) come to iowa …..enjoy the beautiful scenery(we have more than cornfields,lol) nice people, & trout just waiting to be caught.

  6. in iowa you can cach brookies(brook trout), rainbows(rainbow trout) & brownies (brown trout)-you gotta go to northeast iowa . the 3 trout listed above are the only coldwter gamefish in iowa….. come to iowa & enjoy our state

  7. Hello my name is Dave founder of Iowa Trout Fishing an non-profit here in Cedar Rapids Iowa and saw your video of the Trout on fly. Wanted to know if you’d be interested in doing another film including myself? contact me through email or check out our group and thank you for your time.

  8. Jared is one fishy guy… and one of the best guides I’ve ever worked with. I’d be happy to fish with him anywhere!

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