Video: Work as a Team, Have a Plan, and Be Ready to Adapt

Written by: Derek Botchford and Steve Morrow, Epic Waters Angling

Epic Waters Angling and Orvis have teamed up to create a steelheading miniseries. Using the latest Orvis prototypes, the clips are specifically catered to small-stream tactics. After a busy season of guiding, Derek Botchford and Steve Morrow set out to deliver viewers techniques that are designed to elevate the game of steelhead anglers from the west to the Great Lakes.

As previously mentioned, before you head out on the river, it’s good to go with a plan. Using all the information you have available is an important part of a successful day. It’s equally as important to break down a run and decide the best tactic for covering all the water. As guides like to say, “All you can do is fish good water well.”

One of the most common tactics we use at Epic is fishing a shallow pass followed by a deeper one. Steelhead commonly sit in the shallows, and only the lightest setup is going to tactfully scour the inside bank. If you’re fishing with a friend, it’s a good idea to have them follow you down at run wading deeper, casting a little farther, and fishing deeper. This will save you from spooking steelhead that might be out of view.

But things rarely go exactly as planned, and it’s a good thing you’re part of a team.

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