Video: Xboundary, from Salmon Beyond Borders

Back in August, we posted several times about the Mount Polley mine disaster in British Columbia and what it could mean for other dam projects in the region. This video from an organization called Salmon Beyond Borders tells the important story of three rivers in British Columbia and Southeast Alaska that are in danger from mines frighteningly similar to Mount Polley:

An open-pit mining boom is underway in northern British Columbia, Canada. The massive size and location of the mines–at the headwaters of major salmon rivers that flow across the border into Alaska–has Alaskans concerned over pollution risks posed to their multi-billion dollar fishing and tourism industries. These concerns were heightened with the Aug 4, 2014 catastrophic tailings dam failure at nearby Mt. Polley Mine in BC’s Fraser River watershed.

Dealing with mines at the headwaters of pristine watersheds sometimes feels like a game of Whack-A-Mole, and it’s vital that we stay informed about these threats to the places that we love. There’s a ton of information at the link below, as well as a “Take Action” page.

Click here to visit Salmon Beyond Borders.

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