Video: Young Anglers Killing it on the Rush River

A couple weeks ago, we posted the first video by young angler/filmmaker Aaron Avestruz in a Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, and he’s back with an even better, more polished production. It’s great to see youngsters on the water, and it looks like these guys have some decent angling chops. It’s videos like this that will get other kids involved and keep the sport’s traditions alive. Bravo.

2 thoughts on “Video: Young Anglers Killing it on the Rush River”

  1. I appreciate the recognition my sons are receiving and I do hope that other kids are inspired to learn to fly fish from it. The credit for their inspiration came from a very friendly and helpful stranger at the time (I need to ask permission to use his name). We were on the Kinni struggling to figure how to do things when he came up and asked if he could help my son (11 years old at the time). His statement to me was “I don’t see kids out here fly fishing,” and he offered to help out more if my son was interested. The help and early success grew to where his skills are today. To others’ credit, when they’ve come upon my son fishing, they’ve offered their help and have even given him fly patterns that were working for them. This type of “helping” will go a long way in keeping the tradition of fly fishing alive and well. Because of all the help, I’ve reminded him to help others as he grows up. And, it’s a great thing to see my sons spending this time together…one behind the camera and one learning the ropes.

  2. Nice to see the Rush River getting some love, and the previous poster even mentioned the Kinni, which is close to the Rush. Those two rivers have exquisite world class trout fishing with beautiful native browns and brookies. They’re the reason I got a 1-weight superfine from Orvis; so much fun to catch (and release) those natives on light gear. Great video, and glad to see you young ones on the rivers.

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