Videos: A Masterclass in How to Fish Streamers

Here’s a killer episode in the series “The Bank,” from Jensen Fly Fishing, and it comes in two parts. Episode 12 was all about nymphing on a big river, and now the focus is on streamer fishing.

Here’s Dave Jensen’s description of the action:

Part 1: “We joined David Blair & Terry Johnson of Fish Tales Fly Shop for a float on the Bow River to fish streamers. Before we set out, David & Terry took the time to share their set up for streamer fishing the Bow. This set up is applicable to most mid to large sized rivers, so give it a go next time you’re out.”

Part 2: “This is a new direction for us. Most of our videos are short and very focused on one fish or fishing scenario. This is longer, more tv episode length. While long for the internet, it’s got a ton of content to get you going streamer fishing.

It’s cool to see the jensens expand their repertoire, and I encourage you to make time for the second, 25-minute video below..

Check out the previous episodes in “The Bank” series:

2 thoughts on “Videos: A Masterclass in How to Fish Streamers”

  1. Guys, I love your videos. I think they are some of the best online since they really focus on typical fly fishing situations that many of us struggle with. I’m not much of a streamer fan but after watching this video I’ll be sure to give them a try the next time I’m on the South Platte and nothing else seems to work. Keep up the great work and keep landing those awesome fish!

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