Videos: How to Catch Sea Trout

Our Danish pal Frederik Laks Lorentzen has produced a series of short videos that provide an introduction to one of his homeland’s best saltwater sea trout destinations–the trout islands of Fyn, Aeroe, and Langeland. These main isles are part of an archipelago that contains more than 90 smaller isles and 1,100 km of shoreline for chasing silver. (The first video in the series is mostly about spin-fishing, so I have skipped it.)

These films form a crash-course in getting saltwater success: Get your gear and flies right, choose your angling locations correctly, and understand why these islands are such an excellent destination for your saltwater trout angling. Even if you have no plans to visit Denmark to fish, these films offer a fascinating look at a specific fly-fishing culture. Plus, there’s a wry sense of humor that pervades the whole thing, as well.

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