Videos: Don’t Fish to Spawning Trout!

The video above is pretty funny, but it has a serious message: steer clear of spawning trout, even though they may look easy to catch. (Warning: some sexual innuendo in the video.) In many areas, we are well into rainbow and cutthroat spawning seasons, so keep an eye out for redds or groups of trout holding in shallow water.

Below is a video featuring my friend, Paul Thompson, who shows you how to identify a redd.

Click here to read “Spring Fishing is Great, But Don’t Tread on Redds.”

2 thoughts on “Videos: Don’t Fish to Spawning Trout!”

  1. While it is hard to argue against that message what about pre spawn fish heading towards their chosen spawning ground? These are the same fish that in a few days will be working to procreate.

    What is and is not ethical can be a very fine line ….

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