Videos: Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Parts I-III

If you or someone you know is taking up fly fishing for the first time–or returning after a long absence–check out this great series from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters in Columbus, Ohio. In the first three episodes, Flechsig describes the six things you need to start fly fishing, how to understand fly-rod sizes (weights), and how to choose the right rod for the kind of fishing you want to do.

Yes, this is very basic stuff, but it’s vital information for folks who are new to the sport. The biggest barrier to entry for anyone taking up a new activity is lack of information. Stay tuned to learn more!

4 thoughts on “Videos: Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Parts I-III”

  1. Good info, just stop changing camera angles so often. The guy is just standing at a white board and the angle changes every 3-5 seconds, making me dizzy…

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