Videos: How to Tie the Albright Knot to Connect Fly Line and Backing

The Albright knot is a quick and relatively easy way to create a strong, smooth connection between your backing and your fly line. Developed by legendary Florida Keys guide Jimmie Albright in the 1940s, the knot has never gone out of style. The video above, from Ole Florida Fly Shop , is a clear demonstration of the tying process. I always make 10 turns, rather than the 8 to 10 suggested here. (The animated video below, from Angling Knots, suggests 6 to 10.) Many anglers also coat the knot with flexible waterproof cement, to help the knot go through the guides more easily.

One thought on “Videos: How to Tie the Albright Knot to Connect Fly Line and Backing”

  1. Thanks for the refresher!!!
    My wife gave me a flyfishing class as a birthday present about 10 years ago. I just retired. Things area little rusty, but my equipment is in good nick and I have fishing license in hand. Started about three months ago. I do enjoy my time on stream or lake. My technique isn’t the prettiest, but a catch’em. That is the point isn’t it?

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