Videos: How to Tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist is one of those knots that’s almost impossible to learn by reading about it. You have to actually see the knot being formed for the directions to make sense. In this new video, Andy Dunn of Angler’s All–a shop in Littleton, Colorado–demonstrates the steps for creating a Bimini, using brightly colored backing to help the viewer see what’s going on. If you need more help, check out the excellent Bimini Twist Knot Animation on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center. The animation includes both text and visuals to help you get a handle on the various steps required.

The Bimini Twist is great for attaching line to backing, creating an IGFA-approved leader for records, or whenever you need a super-strong connection.

One thought on “Videos: How to Tie a Bimini Twist”

  1. Nice job Andy! Viewers – pay extra attention to his comment at 1:47 about that lazy first wind back toward the tag end. A really tight wind here weakens the knot. That finish at 2:42 was new to me. i LIKE IT!

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