Video—The Deepest Valley: California’s Owens River

Here’s a simply gorgeous film focused on the beauty of the landscape and the trout of the Owens River, which flows for more than 180 miles of eastern California, through an area threatened by drought. Filmmaker Octave Zangs had this in mind when he traveled to the river:

In the face of oncoming water shortages, and in an effort to help address this dilemma for ourselves — both as parties dependent on the water the river provides, and stewards of the land it traverses — we set out to experience and document just a slice of what this charismatic watercourse has to offer.

I think you’ll agree that the river on display here is a resource worth protecting and treasuring.

4 thoughts on “Video—The Deepest Valley: California’s Owens River”

  1. Cool stuff. Grew up fishing Montana and Eastern Sierra. Now at Orvis Reno….don’t miss a chance to fish it at least once every 4 months.

  2. My brothers and I meet each October to fish the upper Owens. Barbless, catch & release, very challenging and rewarding. One of us will catch a 20″ plus beauty. Best patterns – a size 8 black streamer, e.g. Matzuka, Zonker, Wooly Bugger, or Marabou Muddler. A bucket list river.

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