Vote In Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Get a Chance to Win a Safe Passage Sling Pack!

Written by: Phil Monahan

There have been some great images submitted throughout September!
Photo by Phil Monahan

Last month, many Orvis News readers accepted our challenge to try to get on the water at least 20 times. As an added incentive–as if you needed one–we launched our second annual “20 Days in September” Contest on Facebook, in which entrants had to post photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing page, along with the hashtags #20sepdays and #orvisflyfishing. Hundreds of photos were posted during the month, and our in-house judges have chosen the 10 images below as our finalists.

A successful month: I missed just eight days and was skunked just three times.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Take a gander at the top 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image for a larger version), and  then choose your three favorites. The photographers are competing for three killer prizes:

First Place: A Recon Fly Rod

Second Place: A Hydros SL fly reel

Third Place: A Safe Passage Chip Pack

We’ll also give away one Safe Passage Sling Pack to a randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.To be eligible to win the Sling Pack, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

We will announce the winners on Tuesday, October 11th.

So choose our three winners, and then leave a comment!

Don’t forget to leave your comment!

195 thoughts on “Vote In Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Get a Chance to Win a Safe Passage Sling Pack!

  1. Dave Findley

    Really enjoyed the colors and the composition in Nate Robert’s photo; the rod grip seems to indicate a Superfine Glass. (I have the 3 wt.)

    All the snapshots were outstanding.

  2. Stephen Fitch

    Wow! Some great photos this year. That one with the rainbow curved around with a mountain background is incredible!!

  3. Jeff Browning

    Thought I would have made the finals with a couple photos. Oh well. Hard to get good images by yourself with a cell phone. Haha. Til next year!! Congrats to everyone.

    1. Phil Monahan Post author

      Jeff, one of your shots was among the last to get cut. It was really tough to winnow the final 20 or so down to ten, and we had to let go of a few good ones. Thanks for participating!

  4. Rocco Sanello

    The second to last photo by Joey Roberts, it looks like the fish is trying to photobomb it’s own pic…awesome capture! The colors and markings on a rainbow never cease to amaze me, one of my favorite.

  5. David

    That was a hard decision. I can only imagine what it was like trying to just get the top ten picked. I saw a lot of great photos turned in over the last 30 days. I am just glad I wasn’t sitting in the sits at orvis picking and debating over photos. What a blast it was to participate in the contest. Can’t wait until the next one.

  6. Christopher Dougan

    I love Joey Roberts photo! I distinctly remember seeing that image as I was posting some during the contest and thinking that was definitely going to be a winner!

  7. David Anderson

    The Drew Ross photo is outstanding. Beautiful colors. Forethought and timing to get that shot. I think it portrays the tranquility of early morning kayak fishing.


    My top three are the top three photo’s…….funny how that happened! All are spectacular 🙂

  9. Cindi Vetter

    All pictures are tributes to a terrific time on the water. I did like the rainbow tail with the mountains in the distance.

  10. Emily

    Love the under water ones, but the colours in the Roberts’ pictures sold it for me. Was hard to pick between the two.

  11. Marcus Lyons

    Love the photo of the tail and trout looking back at the camera with the snow capped mountains in the background.

  12. Winston Atkins

    When the weather finally starts to change down here in the South, I’m really drawn to images like these that show the promise of getting outdoors again. Thanks for these great photos!

    1. Nate R

      My two pictures in here were taken with my IPhone 5S, Patrick. Just grab a unique perspective, utilize the beauty around you, and most importantly get out there and fish as much as you can! tight lines!

  13. Michael Spencer

    Definitely some great shots! I only made it out 6 times I think… October isn’t looking much more productive.

  14. Alderson

    That bass shot is exquisite. Trout are gorgeous but bass and bluegill on the fly is summer fun without a doubt.

  15. Nick Sutherland

    Awesome photos everyone! I love the black and white shot with the fog and mountains in the background. I want something like that hanging up in my home!

  16. Will Atkinson

    As much as I enjoy outdoor photography, I’m not co-ordinated enough to fish and take pics at the same time.

  17. Patrick Henry

    Fantastic all around. I love fishing photography, especially fly fishing photography. An angler is a fibber without a photographer, and the better the photographer, the better the angler seems.

  18. Steven Denham

    All the entries were amazing!!! I need to get my flies wet as well. It’s essential that we pass the torch to the next generation as well

  19. R G

    Joey’s was definitely not the run of the mill fish photo! Mike’s bass is a welcome shot of something besides a trout caught on a fly. Liked how the brown underwater is like a magazine photo.

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