Vote for the Winners in Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!

Whittling down to these ten finalists was a difficult job!
Photomontage by Phil Monahan

Starting on the first day of September, many of you committed to trying to get on the water at least 20 times during the next 30 days. As an added incentive–although you probably didn’t need one–we launched our fourth annual “20 Days in September” Photo Contest, which required entrants to post photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook or Instagram page, along with the hashtags #20sepdays and #orvisflyfishing. Participation increased by leaps and bounds this year, with more than 2,000 entries! Our crack team of in-house judges have chosen 10 finalists–which wasn’t easy, let me tell you.

Take a close look at the 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image to see a larger version), and  then choose your three favorites. The photographers are competing for some great prizes:

First Place: A Helios 3 Fly Rod of your choice.


Second Place: A Mirage Fly Reel of your choice.


Third Place: A pair of Orvis Made-in-the-USA Nippers.

We’ll also give a pair of nippers to one randomly selected voter.

Important Note: To be eligible to win the nippers, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9th, and we will announce the winners on Wednesday, October 10th.

So choose our three winners, hit the “vote” button, and then leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to leave your comment for a chance to win!

450 thoughts on “Vote for the Winners in Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!”

      1. My grandfathers who taught me throughout my younger life would certainly approve of the wonderful spirit of fishing displayed in these fine photographs.

    1. My choices are based on catching the actual act of fishing, the poetry of motion involved in the cast, tackling the water is less than the most comfortable conditions and one based on having a warm water fish release as they make up the majority of the fishing opportunities available.

  1. Thanks Orvis for pushing us to fish more this September. I just started fly fishing in mid June but I got in my #20sepdays

  2. I just have to enter this contest one of these years. But that would mean I need to fish more. Sounds like a win-win.

  3. As everyone else has said, it was quite hard to choose only 3! I loved the photo of the man getting the fly off the tree. Shows the side of fly fishing we don’t often see and it gave me a good chuckle.

  4. really great photos, all of them. The one of the inside of the truck really shows the excitement of the trip and the dedication to the sport

  5. Marchbrowntedun is an excellent photograph, which examines a youths trepidation, aspirations and encounters of what the new day will bring. And what better way to to do it than with your best friend.

      1. This is an incredible contest and a beautiful way to show the enthusiasm and down loading of each and every aspect of unique Fly Fishing. To each their own! Every second is a new concept or feeling of love for the sport and the personal releasing of anticipation. To think like a fish is to eat a fresh fish from over the fire, What a wonderful thought, “My Fish, caught and not bought.” Pure sport from planning to execution.

  6. Almost impossible to choose! Fans of Orvis and its employees are constantly inspiring me to be a better fly fisher and person with every picture. Love the podcast and hve an absurd amoubt to catch up but its been priceless information.

  7. These photos show why our sport is more than just fishing. The scenery around every corner could be just like these pictures

  8. Oregon on the Fly for the win!!! What an amazing all around photo. Shoutout to the photographer and fisherman!

  9. The photos are fantastic. If I were to put a caption in one, it would be Tim Johnson’s photo of the kissing dolly. I’d put, “pucker up big boy, dolly put on her brightest for this occasion.”
    Thanks Orvis,
    Aaron J Norton

  10. When I envision what Heaven must be like, I see myself, with my flypole, standing in a stream, fishing for the rest of eternity. I’m reminded that it’s not for the catching of fish, but for the experience.

  11. Nice to see such a diverse set of photos. Makes me think of all the fun I had out on the water this past year. Best of luck to all!

  12. Got me daydreaming- awesome photos! Too bad I’m out of sick days! (Most fly fishers find themselves in that predicament by this point in the year)

  13. I didn’t make 20 days out but I enjoyed seeing the huge variety of others adventures. Every morning was a little adventure with my coffee.

  14. September was just too crazy to see much time on a river. It’s nice to see that some people got out there! Great photos everyone!

  15. There are a few beautiful photographs, especially those with the dorsal fin of a perch. When you take a look at it, you are immediately in the mood for fishing !

  16. This is a lot of fun! I enjoy seeing the adventures and how different anglers take them on. The beauty of the fish and surrounding scenes are special.

  17. Really tough to choose between incredible shots fishing and brilliantly-colored shots of fish. Great top 10 photos! Wish I were out right now. I’m inspired!

  18. So all great photos. Of course none of them as great as mine which were snubbed by the academy once again. LOL. Congrats to the finalists.

  19. Would love to see Marchbrowneyedun with a Helios 3 in her hand for next years contest. To have a black and white image stand out among such brilliant colors is a feat in itself.

  20. Great job everyone……Some really great photos. I am dissapointed my photo was not chosen. Guess I will try harder next time. Would love to win the nippers……Love Orvis company and products……Customer and big fan of your products for life….Orvis is ALWAYS my first choice in fly fishing gear……

  21. The three I voted for was because they all look like beautiful ,peaceful, quite places to enjoy Mother Nature at its best!!

  22. I love the range of photos because they capture different aspects of this beautiful
    adventure called fly fishing. Any single image is worthy to win!

  23. Some amazing photography! Any picture showing a person kissing a fish will always be a favorite of mine. Daddy taught me to always kiss the ones you release to fight another day. Retrieving a fly caught on something other than a fish lip, well that seems like a normal day for me; the black and white photo with the young lady and dog looking into the water is inspiring. Those are my picks, but they were all excellent and the photographers are to be commended.

  24. A great photograph is a welcomed bonus to any fly fishermans fishing trip. Any fishing photo with a dog is a hit with me but this black and white one with the young girl is breathtaking.

  25. I so appreciate the full experience of fly fishing. So many levels of involvement and expertice. There is something for everyone who enjoys it, and always more to learn and enjoy. I love looking at pictures and videos of others enjoying this lifestyle. Thank you Orvis for being such a complete champion of what so many of us love so thoroughly.

  26. Several of these photos I can relate to. Blessed to be introduced to fly fishing several years back! Awesome we can have contests like this one to encourage people to be active and enjoy the great outdoors. Love this is something I can share with my family.

  27. Great pics. Went with 3 that offered different perspectives from fishing pics you see so often. All good, but wanted to vote for most unique of the bunch.

  28. All great pictures but my favorites are the ones that show the solitude of the anglers against nature and the stream and the fish.

  29. Some of the 10 got ruled out as “cliched” or lacking in technical elements like straight horizon lines, but overall a great bunch of submissions.

  30. Tim Johnson is one hell of an artist. But, I never knew he was romantically involved which fish❗️ Going to need some time to process that.

  31. A great series of photos for capturing the anticipation, beauty, excitement, adventure, tranquility, thrill and downright fun to be had by all in nature. Fly fishing at it’s best, might be what various philosophers throughout the ages described as paradise. Best wishes to all finalists.

  32. Love the picture of the Gal with her four legged fishing buddy!
    Also partial to the Oregon pic since I call the state home!

  33. Fantastic Photo’s!
    The action was incredible, with the Fish On in the Fog. I could feel that tug! I really wish I could feel that! Can’t wait to be out on a stream myself again in a week or so!

  34. I absolutely love these photos. I especially love the one with the guy crawling on the log. It looks like he’s trying to retrieve a stuck fly! I hate losing flies, so I totally would be doing the same! Good luck all!

  35. Lefty, Lee and Theodore would be proud. God bless America and may we as flyfishers continue to rise above politics and do our part to protect this country’s national wildlife heritage.

  36. My favorite was the in-car shot of the open fly boxes…reminded me of what my vehicle looks like on the way to the river.

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