Vote for the Winners in Our 2019 “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!

Whittling down to these ten finalists was a difficult job!
Photomontage by Phil Monahan

Starting on the first day of September, many of you committed to trying to get on the water at least 20 times during the next 30 days. As an added incentive–although you probably didn’t need one–we launched our fifth annual “20 Days in September” Photo Contest, which required entrants to post photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook or Instagram page, along with the hashtags #20sepdays and #orvisflyfishing. Participation increased by leaps and bounds this year, with more than 2,500 entries! Our crack team of in-house judges have chosen 10 finalists–which wasn’t easy, let me tell you.

Take a close look at the 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image to see a larger version), and  then choose your three favorites. The photographers are competing for some great prizes:

First Place: A Helios 3 Fly Rod of your choice.

Second Place: A Pair of New Orvis Pro Waders (Men’s or Women’s).

Third Place: A Mirage LT Fly Reel of your choice.

We’ll also give a pair of made-in-the-USA Orvis Nippers to one randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.

Important Note: To be eligible to win the nippers, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 10th, and we will announce the winners on Friday, October 11th.

So choose our three winners, hit the “vote” button, and then leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to leave your comment for a chance to win!

234 thoughts on “Vote for the Winners in Our 2019 “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!”

    1. Loved the tranquility of the brook and black & white
      contrast that Luke Dennison captured!
      Madeline Romano ~

    2. Hard to pick top 3 and it would be harder to pick a favorite from those. Thanks to all the photographers for sharing.

    3. All these photos are awesome. I really enjoyed doing the challenge got to get out and explore new areas around my area.

    4. Luke’s B/W is my #1 pick. All the photos are beautiful and show the beauty of the sport in many different ways

  1. Really love fishing in the fall. Cooler temperatures, and plenty of fish. Love the fall foliage too. A perfect time to be out fishing.

  2. The brookie is gorgeous and I certainly (fondly) remember fishing with a toddler wrapped around my shoulders!

  3. Love it when my granddaughters go fishing with me. Never fly fished while holding one though. Great time to fish. Fall fishing!

    1. My absolute favorite fish to catch, the Brookie, just can’t get enough of them especially in the fall!

  4. They are all deserving of an award Orvis. Top 10 out of 2500 deserves a hat. Well done to you all, but I do have a soft spot for Brookies.

  5. Love the pictures with kids – especially the two boys. And Allen Downie2 – catfish and fisherman leads to many possible captions. Well done all.

  6. I love that cutthroat picture, creative and looks awesome! Although the colors on that brookie are pretty sick as well. So many good pictures!

  7. Love the creative effort in displaying this trout!! Also, the smoke from a fire in the background is a once in a lifetime (hopefully) shot.

  8. I would’ve loved to have been fishing for 20 days in September, unfortunately we have been in the midst of a 2 month long drought leaving us with little water left in our rivers and streams. Looks like we have rain ahead on the forecast and I can’t wait to get back to some fishing!

  9. Love the view of what the catfish sees as it’s being landed. Probably wondering who this jerk is with the fake food.

  10. What a fun month that was, though at the same time grueling. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

  11. Wonderful pics, love the colors in the brookie. What a fun month that was, though at the same time grueling. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

  12. All great photos. Great contest. I was so busy with fall house painting and landscaping projects I fell 4 days shy of 20. Nevertheless, each of my 16 days wss magic.

  13. There’s some stiff competition this year. Thank you for sharing everybody! Love to see the creativity in the fly fishing community.

  14. Once again, great photos. It was a tough decision as all have merits for different reasons. It really came down to how I was feeling at the moment as the esthetic that touched me.

  15. Great colors on the bookie! Greater mom fishing with child around neck! 50/50 and teaching the next generation! Winner!

  16. Blessed to have a wife and family that plan some vacations around my finny photo therapy. I believe they receive a better person back from the water. These were taken at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Thanks for the kind comments.

  17. Great variety of photos this year. The salmon action shot is amazing! Also really like the perspective on the “panfish” shot.

  18. So hard to pick just three. I can’t imagine how you narrowed it down. Congratulations to all the finalists!

  19. Wow great pictures! Love the creativity that Dan Layne had! I will try agin next year and hopefully try and capture better pictures. A very fun personal challenge though! loved getting out for 20 days!

  20. Love the pictures! Fly fishing is the best beats spin fishing any day! It’s my outlet when the stress is getting to me!

  21. Love the idea behind this promotion of giving people the opportunity to share these great pictures with everyone! Thanks Orvis

  22. All great captures and a great idea, Orvis!

    I was one day short of making my 20-days goal, but it was an awesome month. I got to explore my new home and *really* learn my local Puget Sound beaches. Here’s to next year!

  23. It was hard to choose…they are all winners! The beauty of the colors, or how they get you in the feels!!!

  24. I really enjoy looking at fly fishing pictures and watching fly fishing videos. The Black & White ones always seem to me to have more texture, and are more nostalgic.

  25. Great submissions! Good luck to all the contestants. Wish I could’ve gotten out more in September.

  26. One of the best things a person can do is take a child fishing. I had soo many great times with my dad and grandpa.

  27. All of the photos represent the reasons on why we do what we do. Very tough choice but I will have to choose the one with the youngsters. Nothing better than passing down the tradition of fishing. Carry the legacy!

  28. the pics with kids are the future and memories of the past.. the one of arm holding fish above the water i can relate to

  29. all are great hard to pick the best like the mom holding the child first thought where there is will there is a way!!

  30. Was soo hard to pick just 3! These were all great pics and I’m glad to see soo many people enjoying the outdoors! Good luck!

  31. Fly Fishing in our nature environment and taking photos in this type of environment are absolutely stunning!

  32. Great photos! Chose the extended arm trout for unique approach; the brook trout for capturing its exquisite natural beauty, and my vote for best is the two kids by Dan K., because this photo represents the future of our beloved sport.

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