LAST DAY to Vote for the Winners in Our 2019 “New Season” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!

Back on March 20, to celebrate impending Opening Days in many states, we launched the “New Season” Photo Contest, which required entrants to post their favorite fly-fishing photo of 2019 to the Orvis Fly fishing Facebook or Instagram page, along with the hashtag #NewSeasonRecon. We got more than 600 entries, and whittling those down to 10 finalists was quite a task. Now YOU get to choose the winners!

Take a close look at the 10 photos below, and  then choose your three favorites, using the widget at the bottom of this page. The photographers are competing for some great prizes:

First Place: A Recon Fly Rod of your choice.

The redesigned Recons are made-in-the-USA high-performance rods at mid-range prices.

Second Place: Mirage LT Reel of your choice.

The Mirage LT is everything its big brother is, but designed to balance perfectly with lighter rods.

Third Place: Hydros Trout Fly Line of your choice.

This is the most versatile weight-forward trout line in the Hydros Fly Line Series.

We’ll also give a pair of made-in-the-USA Orvis Nippers to one randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.

Important Note: To be eligible to win the nippers, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8th, and we will announce the winners on Friday, April 10th. (And then Vermont fishing season opens the next day!)

So choose our three winners, hit the “vote” button, and then leave a comment below!

Kris Magenheim
Koahl Deshazer
MK Smith
Neal Henderson
Zack Farbstien
Zach Mansfield
Steven Elk

126 thoughts on “LAST DAY to Vote for the Winners in Our 2019 “New Season” Contest—and Maybe Win Something for Yourself!”

    1. See the catching of that fish is what it is all about. The way you keep that fish on the hook is marvelous fun to watch but doing it Is breathing in all that fresh air. Wishing we could do now.

  1. I like the fishing photos rather than the pictures of the fish. Thanks for the contest and all the photos.

  2. Henderson – because being there is half the fun
    Riverwade – because the prize on the line is half the fun
    Farbstien – because things happen that adds up to more than 100% fun

  3. A great selection of 10 photos to choose from, hard to whittle down to the best 3. Congratulations to all 10 as they are all winners in the Orvis lifestyle!

  4. Although all the photos are amazing, the 3 I picked I found a little above the rest. Zack Mansfields picture with the little one shows that above all we all started somewhere. I only wish I had had those opportunities when I was young.

  5. All these photos were exceptional “catches”.
    River wade was chosen because of my love for the Roosterfish

  6. Just what I needed – spectacular photography of fly fishing to chase the winter/coronavirus doldrums and inspire hope for this summer’s fishing adventures.

  7. Farbstein – If fish could only talk…looks like one pissed little pike. He’ll be ready to go again in the new season.

  8. Nice selection of photos. Really needed to see these today. Thanks for a moment of escape – feeling re-centered!

  9. These are great! What a nice distraction during these times. Please, do more things like this, even if it is not for a free rod.

  10. They are all great photos. But the Kris Magenheim photo just jumped out at me in a way that the rest of them didn’t.

  11. All very great entries…Bravo to all the great photographers who made the final cut…Very hard to choose 3..
    Thanks Orvis for another great contest, and another chance to win some of your great gear…
    Cheers,,,And Tight lines

  12. The pull of the current at your knees vs the pull of the trout on your line, there’s nothing like it !

  13. Looking forward to life returning to normal so we all can enjoy moments like these again. Stay safe and healthy at home everyone.

  14. All the photos were awesome !!! Very hard to choose, This gives us anglers hope that we all can enjoy the outdoors and fish in your favorite areas in these hard times. Never give up !!! Life is to short !!!

  15. Haha, oh Mister Farbstein, we had many of those “oh, snot!”moments this past year. I liked that photo the best because it’s the only photo that relates most to the viewers.

  16. Not so into the trophy fish shots, but really like that bow with the hot-spot nymph. Dad and daughter is best, just looks like the great sum-up of what it’s all about. Nice job all!

  17. The three I picked were because seeing a fish leap like that and hearing the real scream is what makes my heart flutter! The scenery when you fly fish is always stunning no matter where you are! And finally get them interested when they are young, don’t waste money on dolls, toys or useless stuff, waste money on fly fishing gear!

  18. I really like the fishing photo with the Tetons in the background. I’ve taken this photo a hundred times and none of them comes close to this pic. I like crimson gill plate on what appears to be a Yellowstone Cutthroat is awesome. The “fish on” pic is perfectly timed with great lighting.

  19. I love the majestic landscapes with fly fishermen in the foreground, especially when they are casting. And who doesn’t like a close up of a big trout with a tiny nymph in the corner of it’s mouth. Classic… Thanks Orvis for another great year’s worth of pictures.

  20. Just voted for my 3 favorites. Between winter and Covid, they all provided some positive relief and future opportunities.

  21. Really good idea Orvis. Fly fishing is a beautiful thing, no matter the angler’s experience level.

  22. It was hard to pick only 3 but Zach Mansfield’s shot with the smiling toddler was easily my favorite.

  23. Keepemwet rooster, kid with dad’s fish, waterfall background are my faves. All photos are Excellent and I’d love to see all of them win. Thanks for the contest. See you on the water.

  24. Beautiful pics documenting the sport of fishing. There’s just something about the fish jumping in front of the fisherman in MKSmith photo.

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