Vote for the Winners in Our Spring Orvis Days Fly-Tying Contest!

A couple weeks ago, we launched the Spring Orvis Days Contest, which asks folks to post their best images of original flies on Instagram, along with the hashtags #orvisflytyingcontest and #regal_vise. There were well over 200 entries, and the competition was fierce! Our crack team of in-house judges could not agree on just three finalists, so we are presenting you with 10 to choose from–and even getting it down to 10 wasn’t easy, believe me.

Take a close look at the 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image to see a larger version), and  then choose your threefavorites. The tiers are competing for some great prizes:

First Prize: A Regal Revolution Vise of Your Choice

Second Prize: An Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit

Third Prize: A Fly-Tying Work Center

We’ll also give a set of three pairs of Premium Orvis Scissors to one randomly selected voter.

Important Note: To be eligible to win the scissors, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 29th, and we will announce the winners on Wednesday, May 1st.

So choose our three winners, hit the “vote” button, and then leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to leave your comment for a chance to win!

176 thoughts on “Vote for the Winners in Our Spring Orvis Days Fly-Tying Contest!”

  1. I can see why you had such a hard time narrowing down the flies to just a few finalists. I would definitely use all of these flies.

  2. I suggest two categories next time. Some of these are SO creative…for flies we would never actually use! 🙂 Give a prize for the best entry in an “Anything Goes” category or something like that. So fun!

  3. This is a great contest! I’m gonna have to enter it next year! Thanks for a fun distraction from the normal and a great showcase of talent!

  4. A few are useful, most seem pointless. When I was younger I tied some overly complicated flies, but I’m mostly old school: easy to tie, sturdy, catches fish. Tom Lentz, an Orvis tyer for four decades, taught me to tie. His Finger Mullet and Sand Flea are a couple of my favorites of his saltwater designs. You should bring back his Finger Mullet, it’s great in salt and fresh warmwater.

  5. Very hard decision….I think the fish immitation pattern are out of this world. Best of luck to all….

  6. tying flies is about mimicry, and that fish is just spot on… be interested to see how it run in the water though…

  7. The Orvis page showing the to-be-voted-for flies does not work using Safari/Chrome browsers. Since my son asks me to vote for him, what’s a father to do?

  8. Great idea for a tying contest! Every fly looks so good! fentonflies has to win the “takes the longest to tie” category

  9. Awesome! Thanks for the contest, hope to win, but love seeing so much talent in the contest! It will be a close one for sure!

  10. Good luck to all the contestants 🙂 those scissors would be a nice surprise since I just started fly tying

  11. The long narrow baitfish gets my vote…flat body, looks to have a good keeling heavy hook for the fly to cut during hard strips…beautiful predator fly…streamers need more love in these contests!

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest I am mohrflyco it is a great opportunity. Thanks again

  13. All of them are “how in the heck was that tied” amazing. Mine just look like like moss and sticks tied onto a hook. Great work!

  14. Thank you for this opportunity Orvis, I am Mr_Decor. congrats to all that were chosen!
    -tight lines

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