Vote for the Winners of Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Get a Chance to Win a Sling Pack!

My best fish was this sweet largemouth, which hammered a frog-pattern Dahlberg Diver on the morning of Day 9.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Last month, I set out to get on the water at least 20 times, and we asked you to join us. To sweeten the deal, we launched a “20 Days in September” Contest on Facebook, in which entrants had to post photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing page, along with the hashtags #20sepdays and #orvisflyfishing. Hundreds of photos were posted during the month, and our crack team of judges has chosen then 10 images below as our finalists.

The month started out fast and furious, but I ended up having just two days to spare.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Take a look at the top 10 photos in the widget below, and choose your three favorites. The photographers are vying for three killer prizes:

First Place: A Recon Fly Rod of your choice.

Second Place: A Pair of Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders.

Third Place: A Safe Passage Guide Sling Pack.

We’ll also award a Guide Sling Pack to one randomly selected voter at the end of the contest. To be eligible to win the Sling Pack, you MUST leave the comment “I voted!” in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

We will announce the winners on Friday, October 9th.

So choose our three winners, and then leave a comment!

Don’t forget to leave your comment!

188 thoughts on “Vote for the Winners of Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Get a Chance to Win a Sling Pack!”

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  2. I voted… The guy with the A’s cap has the best fish. You can tell because the fish is smiling. Ask yourself, how many times have you seen a fish pose for a photo?

  3. i participated and had expectations of being a finalist. nevertheless, i had #20greatdays of fly fishing in Vermont, New Hampshire and … Brooklyn, NY! i really enjoyed reading other participant’s experiences — getting off the beaten path to explore and cipher new places. i voted – hard to pick the best among these excellent pics.

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  5. I voted; all those snaps were PQ.
    (Phil: love those Dahlberg Divers on farm ponds down my way. They’re fun to tie, also.)

  6. I voted!

    Loved #20sepdays – but came up 4 days short. Going for #20octdays – no amount of responsibility can stop me!

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  8. I loved all the photos but I liked three in particular as far as the photography goes. If I was rating the top 3, Zak Lieberman’s would be third for the juxtaposition of the man and fish with both seemingly smiling. However the poor framing due to the timer photo eliminates the background scenery so it seems it could have been taken anywhere. Lack of atmosphere, unfortunately, means third place. In second place, I really like Marco Garcia’s offering of the reel and rod with a fish hooked and fighting against the natural backdrop. It’s great. Anytime you can incorporate action into a photo I’m all for it. However, the backdrop is not as spectacular when you enlarge the photo. Bad lighting pushed this one down to second. Andy Bennett 2 is my top pick. The photog has both a beautiful fish and a beautiful backdrop, framed as if it was a natural fit. I also like the fact it is apparent the man holding this fish was the man holding the camera, not staged or posed, apparently shot on a timer, as were my other two top 3 picks. If that’s Andy Bennett’s no. 2 photo, what does his no. 1 look like? Honorable mention goes to Jeff Jones, but why the black & white print? Too bad for him.

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