Vote In Our “#WeLoveDogs” Photo Contest—and You Could Win, Too!

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to post your best photos of fly-fishing dogs on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win a Recon Fly Rod for you plus an Orvis Sunbrella® Indoor/Outdoor ComfortFill Platform Dog Bed for your favorite pooch. We received hundreds of great images, and from those we’ve chosen our ten finalists. Now you get to help pick the winner.

Take a gander at the top 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image for a larger version), and then choose your three favorites. The photographer whose image receives the most total votes will win the prizes.

We’ll also give a pair of Orvis Nippers and an Orvis Silicone Dog Bowl to one randomly selected voter at the end of the voting. To be eligible to win the reel, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

We will announce the winners on Monday, March 26th. So choose your three favorites, and then leave a comment!

Don’t forget to leave your comment!

164 thoughts on “Vote In Our “#WeLoveDogs” Photo Contest—and You Could Win, Too!”

    1. Brian Steinert’s photo puts a big smile on your face. You can tell it is not posed or glorified. A real-life picture of the laughable chaos a hyper dog introduces on a drift boat. Gotta love it.

  1. When mine was a pup she thought chasing indicators was the coolest thing in the world. Many blown holes and lost fish. But now I wouldn’t think of going without her.

  2. It’s been more than a year since my beloved Zeus left us. Just looking at these photos I know it’s time to get another dog.

  3. The dogs are the real winners here, they get to Go Fish! (insert wagging tail)
    Nate’s puppy looks like a keeper

  4. Best fishing partners I ever had, had four legs and a tail! If you’ve ever meant me you’ve meant my dog. We’re never apart! Great pictures!

  5. Awesome pictures. Love how ORVIS company sharing pictures of our most loyal companions. Brighten the day to see these great pictures. Once again Thanks ORVIS for a great contest. Thanks for the great products. I am an ORVIS fan for life….

  6. This is an awesome contest! I love seeing happy dogs living happy lives with their happy owners. Fur babies are the best and deserve to go everywhere with you!

  7. Loved all the photos! The chocolate lab with the fly rod on his head was my favorite. Dogs are the best!

  8. Some say there’s no such thing as a “fishing dog.” I took mine regardless and often. Best fishing companion I think I ever had. Great pictures. Love the vizsla, doing what a velcro-dog does even on a boat!

  9. Love the Black and White Pic of the lab and her Dad. She looks like she wants to join him in the water!!!

  10. Almost impossible to vote for only three. The love in each pups’ eyes makes me melt. In life’s trials & tribulations, these pics are the calming in my soul… <3
    I've checked the box that I'm a real human-my kids might argue this point sometimes LOL!!!

  11. Nate has a well behaved little fishing buddy! My dog goes hog wild in the holes and terrifies everything in sight xD

  12. Fishing with a dog is the best you get companionship with out having to fight over the best holes!

  13. How do you keep a LAB from swimming thru your favorite fishing hole? Teach him how to hold your rod while you select the proper fly!

  14. Great pictures and a lot of great pics on your Instagram feed too. A really fun contest thanks for running it.

  15. What a great contest. No one understands immediately and always how much we love fly fishing like our fishing buddy. Choosing 3 was Rufff, but my boy Dusty and I managed.

  16. I’m going to try to teach my chocolate lab to balance my fly rod on her head! Great photos!

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