Vote for the Winners in Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Get a Little Something for Yourself!

Whittling down to these ten finalists was a difficult job!
Photomontage by Phil Monahan

Starting on September 1, many of you accepted our challenge to try to get on the water at least 20 times during the month. As an added incentive–as if you needed one–we launched our third annual “20 Days in September” Contest on Facebook, in which entrants had to post photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing page, along with the hashtags #20sepdays and #orvisflyfishing. Participation really went through the roof this year, and we could barely keep up with all the entries. Hundreds of photos were posted during the month, and our in-house judges have chosen 10 images as our finalists.

Take a gander at the top 10 photos in the widget below (click on each image for a larger version), and  then choose your three favorites. The photographers are competing for some great prizes:

First Place: A Helios 3 Fly Rod of the winner’s choice.

Second Place: A Mirage Fly Reel of the winner’s choice.

Third Place: A pair of Orvis Made-in-the-USA Nippers.

We’ll also give a pair of nippers to one randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.

To be eligible to win the nippers, you MUST leave a comment about the photos in the comments section below. (That’s the only way we’ll know who you are, since the poll widget doesn’t collect data on voters.)

We will announce the winners on Tuesday, October 10th.

So choose our three winners, hit the “vote” button, and then leave a comment!

Don’t forget to leave your comment for a chance to win!

157 thoughts on “Vote for the Winners in Our “20 Days in September” Contest—and Maybe Get a Little Something for Yourself!”

  1. Maroon Bells with a youngster , color in the net keeping it wet and a pretty woman. Fishing in America at a grand scale

  2. It would be cool to do an October version…. Just for fun maybe, and there would be some awesome foliage and fall colors on fish!

  3. What a great contest with some wonderful pictures chosen as finalists. Well done on such a positive way to encourage people to get outside and enjoy September fishing

  4. Great month, great time. Thanks to all anglers for the great pics and to Orvis for virtually bringing us together.

  5. Love the trout being released picture…A picture worth a thousand words. Practice catch and release..

  6. Cool to see some bass shots make it, in my area the water was really warm and would have been stressful on the trout so I tried to not target them as much. Overall great competition and it was good to get on the water so much. Thanks for doing this Orvis!

  7. It was fun to watch my fiance do this challenge I got to get our a couple days with him. Weekday a great incentive to get outdoors! He made all 20! Unfortunately he didn’t make the top ten. :/ Thank you Orvis for giving him the opportunity to try. Hopefully next year! 🙂

  8. Excellent photos all around, and such a great variety of shots, locations, and subjects. Good stuff.

  9. A whole bunch of beautiful pics! If these dont convince someone to get out and fish, well there is no hope for them haha!! seriously though great shots, tough to choose for sure!!

  10. I would have loved to participate but could not commit to 20 days, I did fish half of that and caught several nice fish and visited some good streams here in Western NY. Loved the trout pictures but also the scenery pictures because a successful day on the water isn’t always about the catch but the pursuit and the enjoyment of the great fisheries we have available. Good luck to the contestants.

  11. Really wish I could have been a part of it this year. Work schedule had to much travel, and some hurricanes hit. Such a cool contest and concept. Great work!

  12. Good Luck to the “20 Days in September” fishermen and women; awesome prizes on offer. Loved seeing the photos posted during the 20 days.

  13. WOW! Some great images here, it was tough just choosing the three I considered to be the best. Some have talented eye for catching the moment.

  14. A calendar with the top 12 vote recipients would be something I could put next to my fly tying vice. Great job Orvis, supporting fly fishing and all of us who use your products.

    Good luck to all contestants.

  15. Always love seeing kids out there! Forgot about this contest, because I took some great ones (of kids fly fishing!) myself. And of course love seeing a colorful trout!

  16. All the photos were awesome and hard to choose from. The photo with the trout in the net was so moving to me as a fly fisher. A moment in time caught so clearly with the fish, the water and the net. It takes me back to a sport I love on the water and share with all of you.

  17. Oops didn’t even know my photo was selected until right now! Too late to even vote DOH!
    Pretty humbled to just have made it into the top 10.

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