Wednesday Wake-Up Call 09.12.18: Action Alert!

The plan to build a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee just needs congressional approval.
Graphic via the Everglades Foundation

The House Votes on the Everglades Reservoir Tomorrow!

We have been fighting for two years to gain funding for a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to hold runoff that is currently being discharged down the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers. The Everglades Reservoir will cut toxic algae-causing discharges by more than half.

The federal approval for the Everglades Reservoir is pending right now in the Senate as S. 2800, “America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, and in the House of Representatives as the 2018 Water Resources Development Act – WRDA.

Protecting the Everglades by restoring the southward flow of water is vital to the region’s health.
Photo by Mac Stone

The Washington pundits and experts tell us not to worry, that S. 2800 and WRDA should be approved. But we can’t afford to take anything for granted: our lawmakers, candidates and President Trump need to hear from us, loud and clear: “Build the Everglades Reservoir.”

Simply text the word “WATER” to 52886 or click here TODAY, and you’ll be sent to an online form that allows you to easily e-mail your Senators and Representative and urge them to PASS the 2018 Water Bill and BUILD the Everglades Reservoir. Please do it today!

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One thought on “Wednesday Wake-Up Call 09.12.18: Action Alert!”

  1. I apologize for leaving a comment here that is out of context. I just received your latest men’s catalog (late September, 2018) and had to remark on the cover. The cover shows two people outfitted in their Orvis finery, reclining on top of a truck which is parked in the midst of a lush, verdant field.

    This seems to my simple mind to be strongly at odds with your conservation ethic.

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