What are the Greenest Companies In Fly Fishing?

The first thing a visitor to Orvis HQ in Vermont sees is our commitment to nature and canine health.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Fly Fisherman has just published Monte Burke’s feature article “The Greenest Companies In Fly Fishing” online, and it makes for interesting reading. Orvis is proud to share top billing, along with Costa and Patagonia, and Burke’s article lets you in on some of the company’s conservation programs that don’t get a lot of publicity. He also quotes CEO Perk Perkins, who sums up the rationale behind all of Orvis’s efforts to help protect nature and conserve resources:

“You go out in Grand Teton National Park, and you think, ‘Thank God Rockefeller and those guys protected all of this. Otherwise it would look like the other parts of Jackson Hole.’ We owe so much of our amazing enjoyment of the outdoors to people who protected land and water so many years ago. To me, our efforts are just paying it forward the same way it was paid forward to us.”

To get a handle on Orvis’s various conservation programs, visit our Protecting Nature page on orvis.com.

Click here to read  “The Greenest Companies In Fly Fishing.”

3 thoughts on “What are the Greenest Companies In Fly Fishing?”

  1. I’ve bought clothes and my fly fishing waders from Patagonia for years. Orvis has been one of my favorites as well, the clothes last for ever. Both companies have helped the rivers I fish, along with trout unlimited.

  2. I am an Orvis freak. But, to all the companies who make a sincere effort, I thank you. My kids thank you and their kids thank you.

  3. Kudos all around! Let’s give some credit to President Jimmy Carter too, who took steps to protect what was left of our free flowing rivers and unspoiled coasts in the lower 48 as well as protect great amounts of unspoiled wilderness in the Arctic!

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