You Could Win a Battenkill Large Arbor Reel for Helping us Decide on a New Logo For The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Contest Closed: Congratulations to Joseph Strong and thanks to all of you for your great feedack!

When choosing the artwork for the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer, I failed to realize a fatal design flaw that would prove to haunt me for the next 2.5 years: Tom’s face.

I have gotten sick of looking at it after over 100 episodes (so has Tom, but he is more stuck with it than I am).

So, Tom and I asked the brilliant James Daley (web designer for Orvis) to come up with a new logo and this is the result.

So podcast listeners, and those of you that really should be, should we stick with the old one or go with Mr. Daley’s new design?
Tell us what you think in the comments section and you could win a FREE BATTENKILL LARGE ARBOR REEL!
We’ll pick a random name on Friday October 29th!

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